Complete Cross-Train Workout - Level 1

This kit sets you up for your Complete Cross Training Workout from the comfort of home in just 9 minutes!

If you want a balanced workout to tone and strengthen your entire body without having to leave the house - this is the one for you!

The complete cross train workout combines the best strength and cardio exercises for maximum results. You can complete it anywhere, anytime in just nine minutes with no equipment other than your resistance band.

For a sneak peak of how it works, watch the video below...

This pack includes:

12 High gloss circuit cards

Your cheat sheet with all 12 exercises

Full body stretching routine cards

Demonstration video with Lauren and

Lauren's relaxing full body stretch video

PLUS Your resistance band

Available in:

Level 1 option (all low impact, which is perfect if you are just starting out) or

*see our other listing for Level 2 (advanced and high impact options included if you want to take it to the next level.)

Based on anatomy and physiology principles, the compound strength exercises will work lots of muscle groups at once saving you time plus the cardio bursts between each set will boost your fitness and energy.

Strength training is essential to maintain a strong, lean physique as it boosts your metabolism speeding up fat burning and making you biologically younger.

This truly is your fountain of youth!

Studies have shown that strength training assists with reducing body fat and is especially important to prevent the rebound or yo-yo effect (regaining body fat) by keeping your metabolism burning more calories every day, even while you sleep!

If you are looking for an achievable and effective programme you can easily fit into your lifestyle to get you feeling fantastic, then look no further.

Cue up the video on your phone/tablet or laptop, put on your favourite music and set a timer for 45 second intervals and you'll be done in just 9 minutes!

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