Hi, Tania here, you'll find me somewhere in NZ or in different parts of the world any given month, so be sure to ask me ;) Why? Well, I'm location independent in my business and lifestyle. In fact, my daughter and I left home the very same day, her to study in SIT in Invercargill in the deep south and me, to Thailand!

That year began the exciting adventure of parenting via social media, my daughter's adult life and the volunteering/giving backside to my business. I've been nomadic since and my daughter, then 18, now 25. I even took her for a 9-month adventure with me to the USA in 2016 on a gap year.

What is my business? I'm the creative visionary and founder of Drawer Full of Giants, where I personalise business with illustration. I have both retaining client's and also love creating artwork to support folks who are self-employed, own a small business or have a ministry in a real economic way - $20 a month!

But my advertisement here is to share another free service I provide saving families much moolah - I'm an experienced House and Petsitter now into my 8th year of full-time service.

So, although my profile says I'm in Auckland, I'm writing from my current house sit in Alk. I'm originally from Christchurch and left after staying through 10000 earthquakes. I've been housekeeping, travelling since.

You can learn more about me all over social media, choose to follow my adventure's and engage with me, I share lots of stories:
www.drawerfullofgiants.com - biz website which had superduper pretty things to look at, info about my volunteering work and my shop as I have digital products.
www.facebook.com/drawerfullofgiants - biz page to interact with me
www.facebook.com/YourFriendlyHousesitter - my housesitting life
www.instagram.com/drawerfullofgiants - my Life in pictures

Also, I have a freebie - a beautiful Forever Greeting card, illustrated by yours truly. It's a digital download and you can edit it to include your logo and biz details and change the getting on the front to suit a different occasion or individual customer or promote your business every time, then send to your local printer for that professional finish.
A6, portrait, theme: Succulently Beautiful, which is a beautiful pattern in a neutral colour and comes with a white banner so you can add text. Value $10 in my shop and yours free if you choose to sign up to hear from me on a semi-regular basis.
I share my lifestyle, my artwork, my volunteering and how I do business God's way.

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