Get It Done Mum


I'm Janine Ogg, co-founder of Get It Done Mum Business School and Podcast.

Our online business school is the first of it's kind for NZ Mums and it's rocking!

At Biz School, we support you to get your business off the ground faster, with less stress

Starting out in business is extra hard when you're a Mum.

Often you have no idea what you're doing or where to focus first and to top it off, you're juggling it all around kids.

At Get It Done Mum Biz School we take the hassle out of it and get you on track with a great plan asap.

You can stop worrying so much and start feeling confident in your ability to make this business idea of yours work!

Some of our Mums are working as little as 10 hours a week, or they're juggling their business around kids under 10. If this is the case for you too, then it's extra important that you are being smart about WHAT you work on and WHEN!

That's why we kick off Biz School training with strategy (and offer you 121 support with it too).

Here's how we roll...

  1. We help you get your strategy sorted... and not just any strategy! A super-simple, time-smart strategy that empowers you to build a business in part-time hours.

  2. We keep you focused on the important tasks and systems that are going to bring in more income. Like building your audience and nailing your sales funnel.

  3. We help you plan ahead to scale your business so you can continue to grow without having to work ridiculous hours.

Our course is highly interactive and fun and includes all kinds of innovative ways to get you taking action, including challenges, rewards for action taking and gamification (if you don't know what gamification is you'll have fun finding out!)

We also get together monthly for live online coaching calls and host face-to-face VIP days so we can meet each other in person.

Most importantly, Biz School is not just about business. It's about friendship, community and self-care too.

We're on a mission to make the journey to income-generation as enjoyable and stress-free for you as possible. This means we support you to look after #1 too (because if you aren't thriving, neither will your business).

When I'm not on coaching calls or creating new training content, I'm hanging out with my family, going to the beach, fixing up our falling down bush hut or hanging in 'the shed' with the kids (my partners pottery out the back).

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