Information about MainlyMamas


From one busy Mum to another...

Are you a busy mum who largely keeps things on track, but where that one curve ball could throw your day into chaos? Perhaps you’ve got 101 things to do, but finding that ticking them off is easier said than done?

That’s why I created MainlyMamas and it's online community - a place to solutions to our everyday challenges - fast. Whether it's a gift you need or a local support community - you'll find what you need amongst our carefully selected and vetted suppliers of our marketplace.  We're pretty particular about the businesses that list with us to ensure that our service to you is unique and valuable.  

Not convinced we can help? Why not enter your challenge of the day into our search and see what pops up. You might just be surprised :)

We’re a directory with a difference, and we’re more than just a marketplace. Created by a busy mum (me!) for other busy mums, I’ve created this service mainly for us because at the heart of it I think we mums do a great job in taking care of others, but really we could do a better job of taking care of ourselves. 

Our main focus is how to support mums after those first weeks of baby's arrival, and through the many transitions she will go through over the next few years. You've had your baby and shortly afterwards your partner goes back to work, your mum returns home, or your support network has to get back to things... and then what? 

We believe that being a great mum starts with putting her own oxygen mask on first;

that being a mum is just one element of who we are, it's not all that we are;

and beyond giving birth, mum's need looking after too.


Why not give us a try? You can browse the marketplace at any time, but you will need to sign up in order to buy or sell something from the marketplace. Signing up is free. The only thing you'll receive from us are periodic updates (we promise not to spam you or share your details) and you’ll also be eligible to receive exclusive offers that our providers list via our marketplace that are available nowhere else. Bit of a win-win isn't it?

Let us take the sting out of that backlog of things to do - give us a go. I hope to chat soon!

Cara Michael

Founder/Managing Director